Meet the Team

At Adams Traditional Academy, your children are our greatest treasure.  It’s why we carefully choose each team member – in order to offer your student the highest quality educational experience available.  It’s also why the Arizona Department of Education gave us a 97% grade for our teacher expertise.  Your children will thrive here.

Committed to

Our Dream Team

At Adams Traditional Academy, we encourage our students to dream BIG dreams!  We know that from ATA will come future leaders for our nation – leaders with  commitment to strong values, good citizenship, a passion for excellence, and a fierce work ethic.  We also know that for dreams to come true, we have to create a roadmap to the future, broken into attainable goals along the journey. Together with parents, our staff will be each child’s dream team.  We will equip children for future success so their dreams can come true. 

Staff Expertise

Bachelor's Degrees
Master's Degrees
Doctoral Degree

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Smith


Mrs. Schorer

Assistant Principal

Our Kindergarten Teaching Staff

Mrs. Bringhurst

AM Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Drew

PM Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Junker

Kindergarten Teacher

Miss mecham

Kindergarten Teacher

kindergarten teacher

Mrs. Newbery

Kindergarten Teacher

kindergarten teacher

Mrs. Rogers

Kindergarten Teacher

Our First Grade Teaching Staff

Miss Glover

First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Hile

First Grade

Miss Kelly

First Grade Teacher

Miss Sirota

First Grade Teacher

Our Second Grade Teaching Staff

Ms. Molumby

Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Parker

Second Grade Teacher

Ms. Soto

Second Grade Teacher

Our Third Grade Teaching Staff

Ms. Coates

Third Grade Teacher

Miss Le

Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Williams

Third Grade Teacher

Our Fourth Grade Teaching Staff

Ms. Hutcheson

Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Stoney

Fourth Grade Teacher

Our Fifth Grade Teaching Staff

Mr. Daniels

Fifth Grade Teacher

Ms. Kunjhan

Fifth Grade Teacher

Our Sixth Grade Teaching Staff

Mrs. Beauford

Sixth Grade Teacher

Mr. Freeman

Sixth Grade Teacher

Our Seventh and Eighth Grade Teaching Staff

Mr. Fakler

Math Teacher

Ms. Kothandapani

Science Teacher

Mr. Levandoski

History, Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Mullowney

Language Arts Teacher

Special Areas Teaching Staff

Mrs. Hutton

Music Teacher

Mr. Kellerman

Art Teacher

Mrs. Tinlin

Technology Teacher

Mr. Goldfaden

P.E. Teacher

Support Staff

Mr. Hourigan

Reading Specialist/EL

Ms. Rifenbark

Special Education,
K-5th Grades

Mrs. Holmes

Certified Nursing Assistant

Teacher Salary Information