Adams Traditional Academy is a Choice Academies, Inc. school. Choice Academies builds academic success for students starting in preschool, from kindergarten through 8th grade, and finishing with high school graduation celebrations for students who are well equipped for bright futures.

Choice Academies provide a traditional, back-to-basics education within a framework of high standards and high expectations in a safe environment. We equip students with a strong foundation of knowledge,  critical thinking, good citizenship and leadership skills. As keys to academic success, we value student accountability, highly trained teachers, and strong parental involvement.

Best Grade School

Our Best Academies in Phoenix

At Adams Traditional Beginnings preschool, we believe that children are our future. Their education in the classroom at our best academy in Phoenix supports and enhances the growth of the whole child by developing the foundation of each child’s mind, body and social/emotional competence. Our curriculum extends a child’s understanding and acclimation to the world around them, preparing them to interact in a learning environment.

All children are individually unique in their own right. While a child is learning who they are and what special talents and abilities they possess, our classrooms promote consideration of others, respect for all people, and respect for the world we live in. Children at Adams Traditional Beginnings are challenged to achieve the highest standards in their studies, in their play and in their character.

Adams Traditional Academy is an A rated north Phoenix charter grade school that values the uniqueness of every child. Our K-8 charter school creates success for students through instruction from experienced teachers, a hands-on, teacher-led learning approach, research based curriculum, individual student support, and safe, positive learning culture at our charter grade school where every child can thrive. Find out more about Adams Traditional Academy.

Jefferson Preparatory High School is dedicated to partnering with parents in developing young people who are truly successful in every area of life. Using the time-proven approach of scholarship in the classics by which many of the “Great Thinkers” of history have been educated, Jefferson Prep is helping today’s high school students to be the guardians of freedom for their own generation and the generations to come.

Jefferson Prep teaches principles that provide the foundation for critical thinking skills. We require scholars to utilize those foundational principles to think, critique, and act for themselves, thus pushing scholars toward individual success. Together, those foundational  building blocks form the acronym FREEDOM: Family, Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Excellence, Dreams, Observation, and Mentorship.